Empower Your People To Work Together Better

Your employees rely on computers, phones and other equipment to do their jobs. We seldom think about the sophisticated software that make these devices work. But, when people aren’t working well together, it’s a lot like a software crash – painful and unproductive.

How well do your employees use their emotional software?
Our business is about helping individuals learn and fine-tune emotional competencies so they can work better with others.

  Soden specializes in breakthrough learning in 3 hours or less, because time is a premium.
  We offer “soft skills” workshops that address issues that bottleneck productivity, stifle creativity and crash morale in the workplace.
  Our programs build Emotional Intelligence competencies, such as Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.
  All Soden programs require participants to create a plan to use what they’ve learned immediately.
  Soden specializes in using small-group dynamics to facilitate breakthrough learning even in large groups. Programs are always so enjoyable that participants spread positive news about “training” for a change.
  Our programs are delivered at your facility, so there’s no travel down-time or expense for your staff.
  We can design and deliver customized programs for all levels of the organization.

Contact us to discuss breakthrough learning for your organization.

About Pamela Soden

Pam Soden, president of Soden Training & Consulting, has an infectious belief that learning is lifelong and fun. She applies those beliefs in the design and delivery of every program.

During more than 30 years as a Training and Development professional, Pam has provided thousands of individuals with skills to become more productive and successful in their careers.

A frequent lecturer and popular speaker, Pam is the recipient of numerous awards. Her wealth of experience, passion, and willingness to share have earned her the title of “The Trainer’s Coach”. She is a top rated presenter for the American Management Association (AMA) where she has taught management and leadership courses since 1981. Pam was selected to be the seminar leader for AMA’s first videoconference, a joint venture with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Pam is also on faculty at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Pam Soden

Pam Soden holds a degree in Business Administration from Marymount Manhattan College and is past President of its Alumni Association. She is a former Chairperson and Director of the Council of Concerned Black Executives and is an advisor to the Women’s Center for Education & Career Advancement.

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